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          Giới thiệu

          Company Overview:

          Latino Dance Wears was founded in March 2007. We creat fascinating and exciting original dance wear for the discerning competitive as well as the casual dancer. From initial conception to final stitching, our designs are handled by highly skilled tailors artisans to assure the best quality available in today's market.

          Our designs are distributed throughout Europe, Asia, Australia and the U.S.
          - Dance Studios
          - Dance Schools
          - Dance Shops
          - Dance wear websites

          But we can sell direct to you at far lower prices!


          Our mission:

          Our mission is to design and create fashionable dance wear that dazzles and accentuates the dancer's movements. We assure high quality and original designs at an affordable price.

          Our products:

          Our Latin and Ballroom dance wear for ladies, gentlemen and children is often copied, but never surpassed. We pride ourselves for being on the cutting edge of current fashion trends and offering daring new directions.

          We are flattered to have our designs mimicked by other designers who offer our copies at higher prices! To have the original and best in dance wear, be sure to choose Latino Dance Wears.

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