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          Hình ảnh cho bài đăng trên blog THE ORIGIN OF BALLROOM DANCE

          Ballroom dancing is a world of class, passion and tradition. These dances are famous all over the world so far. But, have you ever heard about its origin?
          Ballroom dance, a type of social dancing, is originally practiced in Europe and the United States. It is performed by couples and follows prescribed steps. The tradition was historically distinguished from folk or country dances by its association with the elite social classes and with invitational dance events.
          In the 21st century, however, ballroom dance is present in many parts of the world and has practitioners in virtually all segments of society. It is performed in various situations, including invitational, public dance events, professional dance exhibitions, and formal competitions.
          Ballroom dance, for sure, will continue to expand its appeal and adapt its approach in response to the ever-changing aesthetics and contemporary cultures.

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          Bình luận

          18/07/2021 01:29
          Ballroom dancing is evolving with giant steps in the past 10 years. Excited to be part of it!
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